Where to find unforgettable private tours in Bulgaria?

If you have been in the Balkans, you probably would like to see more of the beautiful Peninsula and might want to stay longer. IF you haven’t been there, you may be interested to discover the Balkan countries and their amazing nature and history. In both cases the trips, organised by Sofia walking tours, can give you a good idea where and what you can see in any Balkan country. Among the big tours, where you can visit 6 countries and 5 seas in 14 days, there are also a smaller vacations, where you can enter the entire magic of just one country. The audio-guide.bg, is the place where to find unforgettable private tours in Bulgaria, as well.

Even that Bulgaria is the smallest country in the Balkans, its beauty will make you fall in love. The amazing nature, the old and well preserved architecture and the magic old towns, will definitely impress you. Among all the beauty for the eyes, in Montenegro you will be pleased by the hospitality and the humor of Montenegrins. The food and the music and the fresh air of the nature will touch all your senses.

If you are going to book one of the tempting private tours in Bulgaria, you will probably want to see the Dunav river – the largest river in the Balkans, where 250 bird species live. The beauty of Plovdiv, with the fortress walls or the modern city Veliko Tarnovo, are going to lift you between the centuries. Have a look at Bulgaria-balkan-guides.com for more ideas about Montenegro and the rest of the Balkan countries you can visit and choose the most impressive tour for you and your family.