Only 10% tax when choosing company registration in Bulgaria

If you are a young entrepreneur who wants to invest his money somewhere, this article is right for you. Keep reading and you will find out why many people choose company registration in Bulgaria.

First of all, Bulgaria has the most favorable tax regime in Europe – only a 10% tax. This is the main reason why the experts choose to make company registration in Bulgaria. But setting up everything by yourself can be difficult without having professional help.

Company registration Bulgaria

If you don’t know whom to trust, I will tell you right away. The service is called Bulgaria Company Registration and is offered by LM Legal Services Ltd.. They are an independent Bulgarian law firm and with years of experience, they provide the highest quality of legal service to international organizations, businesses, and individuals.

When choosing to work with them, you can be sure about all your documents will be in order and the company registration will happen easy and fast. A good thing for you is that no residence permit is required to establish a business presence, so nothing can stop you. Even it will be easier for you to get a Bulgarian residence if you need one because you own a company here.

If all that sounds good to you, do not waste more time but contact the firm and start growing. Contact them by phone: 00 359 899 504 699 or 00 33 6 60 66 36 70 and make a company registration in Bulgaria.