How to get free shipping for cheap customizable hoodies

With all the advantages associated with customizable hoodies, finding an online store that offers free shipping can be an additional benefit to many people.

However, you have to find the best sites as well as all the rules that can help you get free shipping. There are many tips that can help one get free shipping benefits, some of them include:

Ask for it

Although there are many sites offering free shipping as part of their policy, you can get lucky even from the stores that don’t offer such especially from those that you’re a frequent customer. This can also be easier when you want to buy in bulk. Most of these companies know they have stiff competition among themselves so keeping a return customer is a priority to most of them. If one refuses to ship for free, you can keep searching until you find one.

Meet their expectations
For some online stores, giving free shipping is automatic when one buys goods worth a specified amount of money. Try to meet that amount by buying enough cheap customizable hoodies at store.kotyto in order to get the free shipping, even if it’s not in bulk. Check the homepage or promotions page to find out about this policy.

Choose a different destination
Instead of giving out your address, talk to a local storeowner who uses the same site and have the goods delivered there the same time he/she will also be buying. This can be your neighborhood store or the website’s onsite store. Some companies usually have physical stores located in different areas where they can send items for customers. You can use such option since they are usually free.

Get a plan

With the increase of online stores, most stores device ways to please customers by offering ways that can help them save money. This includes setting aside a specific duration when they ship all orders without any charges or at subsidized rates. Although this option is sometimes not entirely free, it’s cheaper than regular offers. Take advantage of such durations especially when shipping is completely free. Opt to buy your customizable hoodies during such periods and you’ll automatically get free shipping.
How to get free shipping for cheap customizable hoodies

Buy in bulk

Buying cheap customizable hoodies in bulk is much easier for those who are purchasing for commercial purposes. For individual use, you can come together with some friends or family members and order large quantities, which you can use to
insist on free shipping. You can also consider buying your hoodie with some other products that will reach the necessary quantities that will guarantee free shipping.


Even though free shipping may sound like a good deal, it’s better to analyze those offers to ensure you’re indeed benefiting for it. Some store charge higher prices on goods in order to cover up for the shipping costs, which they then market as free. Always compare prices of similar items on different stores to make to be sure, choosing the option that’s best for you and will help you save. You should also try to go for websites that have a proven record of accomplishment and won’t give you poor quality items at a discounted price such as