Bulgarian hunting organizations

Bulgarian hunting organizations offer professional guidance and packaged tours that include hunts, accommodation, equipment, game preparation, and more.

Guests are offered the option to choose between small game, big game, and combined hunts. Popular small game targets in Bulgaria include species such as wild duck, woodcock, and quail. Quail hunting can be a challenge because it rarely flies at daytime and hides well. It is often included in combined hunts for wild ducks, woodcocks, and pigeons. Common big game targets include animals such as brown bear, mouflon, and wild boar.

Deer hunting is offered by many Bulgarian hunting organizations due to the abundance of deer and the fact that there are three species – roe, fallow, and red deer. The hunting season for fallow deer begins in the middle or end of October and ends in mid-November. Red deer is also a popular game target, and hunting from high seat and walking are the most common types in Bulgaria. Guests have the unique opportunity to take trophies of over 9 kg back home. Grounds are mainly located in the Balkan Mountains and Rhodope Mountains. Roe deer can be found throughout Bulgaria but the hunt itself is challenging and involves stalking and waiting. The hunting season for females starts in September and ends in October, and the season for males is from May to October.

Bulgarian hunting organizations also offer wild boar, mouflon, and chamois hunting. The mouflon is a preferred game for many because of the superb quality trophies. The hunting season for females starts in the beginning of September and ends at New Years while the season for males continues throughout the year. Wild boar is also a much desired target, and different hunting types can be used. These include stalking and walking, driven, and hunting from high seat which can be organized in specially built enclosures or in open areas. Tusks vary in length but usually range from 20 to 24 cm. The season for both females and males continues throughout the year.

There are grounds in different parts of Bulgaria, including the Central Balkan Mountains, West Rhodope Mountains, and Vitosha Mountain. Many Bulgarian hunting organizations work with grounds such as Vitoshko, Byalka, Rusalka, Izvora, and others. Some grounds are located high in the mountain and feature a hilly terrain while others are at the foot of the mountain and combine meadows and forests.