Where to find aronia berry juice in Bulgaria?

Are you tired of wondering and falling into unpleasant situations while shopping for food products in the supermarket? Almost all the imported fruits and vegetables have recently been at a much lower price because they have been proven with many pesticides, and Bulgarian farmers and producers, having known this, have doubled the price because of their qualitative production. In this case, we fall into the choice of supporting Bulgarian producers and go for higher quality vegetables at a high price or choosing imported products that are at a lower price but are also of very poor quality.

Where to find aronia berry juice in Bulgaria?

If this is the case, and you have fallen into the same dilemma, there is no time for concern, as the online store Ferma-shayen.com offers affordable organic fruits and vegetables at a very nice price. Besides these suggestions, you can find other items in the catalogue, such as aronia berry juice and aronia wine.

This fruit is very rarely found on the Bulgarian market. It is classified as a superfood because of its many healing properties. These two factors have a significant effect on the prices on the market.

A vacuum pack of two litres of aronia juice from Ferma-shayen.com can be ordered at the lowest price of 15 leva, which means 7.50 leva per litre. The drink is prepared entirely from cold-pressed fruit that is not under any heat treatment. No preservatives, sugars and water are added to the pressing and pasteurisation process. All this is done in order to preserve all the beneficial substances in each aronia grain. Consumption should be in moderate amounts of 50ml, three times a day, on an empty stomach, half an hour before meals.

Visit the website and check out the suggestions and all the healing properties of aronia berry juice. You will see how amazing is this little powerful fruit!